Seongpyeong Co., Ltd., satisfying our customers
with global quality and technology.
Greetings to our customers,
to whom we give our sincere thanks for always working hard to help us develop as a company.
Seongpyeong has dedicated itself to ultra-precision molds since its establishment in 1995, and we have always done our best to satisfy our customers with quick delivery of quality products with optimal specifications based on our accumulated processing technology in the field of steel and carbide parts.
A new connecter press production line was established in 2004, and we are expanding our production facilities each year to become a specialist in connector manufacturing while focusing on research, development and improved productivity in order to replace imported product and improve overall quality.
In thanks to our customers who have always cherished and supported us at Seongpyeong, we will continue to pay it back through providing top notch quality and service.
Thank you.